SLOme number: 5

Story Highlights:

  • There’s a party on Hathway!
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover. Hath houses not as grimy as they look on Saturday.
  • Hathway living not for the younglings.

Hillary Preece and the rest of her friends have been living on Hathway for the past two years, and know a thing or two about partying on the street.



So now, ladies and gentlemen, the review that you’ve all been waiting for…… the infamous Hathway Street. Where can I begin to describe the endless amount of partying and shenanigans that take place at this street?

Well for starters, if you do happened to live under a rock and have never heard of Hathway, take a look at my video above before reading any further.

So most of us have been in the typical Saturday night situation where we’re at a “get together” on Hathway thinking to ourselves, “Good God look at the bathroom! This place looks like it gets trashed from so much partying, how could you ever live in this place?” Even though some of the houses that you’ve raged in a couple of times look kind of beat down, all the houses on party central aren’t half bad.

“To be honest with you, I’ve never seen house on Hathway that’s nice on the inside. Although I’ve only been in a house at night while we’re partying, so I could be wrong,” said second year industrial engineering major, Jacob Reeves.

I was lucky enough to get a tour of some of the places that are host to a lot of the rowdiness on the weekends, and others who keep it low key.

Most kids think that the people who live on Hath are sixth year students who just party every quarter with twelve units,” says second year business major and Hathway local, Charlie Umansky. “Even though that may be the case for some people, Hath is home to a lot of top students who happen to get a good deal on a house out here.”

Charlie’s house, along with the other three that I got to visit on Hathway, were all actually pretty nice given the fact that I got to see them during a weekday. The insides were well organized, and there was a decent amount of space for each person who lived there. However when Thursday, Friday and Saturday roll around it’s a whole new ball game.

There does however come a point in our lives where we need to put down the solo cup and actually get work done. Although Given Hath’s reputation, I felt like it would be a little difficult to get work done, so I had to see if these students actually had time to get their
business taken care of.

“Well they built a library for a reason!” said fourth year Journalism student and Hathway resident Hillary Preece. “It does get rowdy around here a lot, but when I need to get work done I just head over to the library because it’s not that bad of a walk.”

Hathway may mainly be known for its crazy parties, but it also has a lot to offer for students looking to make their home here.


Coming in first, as always, we have cleanliness, which can be a hit or miss depending on the day of the week, so I gave it two brooms.

Second is space, and even though I only got to visit a couple of the houses, I was very impressed with the amount of room. I gave them four planets.

Next we have privacy, and given the fact that there is constantly a ton of people at each of these houses, I gave it a measly one do not enter sign.

Next is the party scene. Really? What else would you expect? Of course I gave it five cups.

Finally is the cost. Each house that I got to visit seemed to vary in high price ranges considering the fact that so many kids want to live there, so they tend to bump up the prices a little.

So overall Hathway can be a great place to live, but I would only recommend it to third and fourth year students who are on track to hopefully graduate on time. If you’re a second year looking to finally break out of the dorm life and gain some independence, get a few friends together and get a house somewhere off campus other than party central.

Here’s what I thought of the houses that I visited on Hathway.

SLOme number: 4

Story Highlights:

  • Alpha Epsilon Pi House gets makeover
  • Cheaper living in larger house?
  • Fraternity living in a nutshell


So you’ve just finished going through the long process of rushing your fraternity or sorority and you’re getting closer to your second year. Now the big question comes into play, live in the main house your second year, or find your own place?

Living in a fraternity or sorority house has been rumored to been a big party lifestyle, but what you haven’t heard is that you can live in the house and still be a well balanced student.

I had the opportunity to visit the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity House to get a taste of living the frat life. The AEPI frat house was refurbished this past summer by the members who were going to live there this year.  With the makeover that the house got, I think that it’s safe to say that it is just short of a four star hotel.

“A lot of the guys worked really hard to get this place back to what it used be this summer,” said second year kinesiology major, Wyatt Levy.

AEPI brothers Wyatt Levy and Grayson Shore show off their sweet beards that they grew all summer for the first month of move in at the main house.

If you’ve ever been to the AEPI house, or any other frat house on our campus for that matter, you know the incredible size of these places. This house, in general, houses 18 guys… yes you read that right, 18, and it houses them all very comfortably. Some of the brothers get their own room since they have lived there for a longer time and have paid their dues, but most live together to split the cost of living.

“The AEPI house is awesome!” said third year business major Sami Weiss. “The guys that live there are always really nice and welcoming, plus there house is super cool.”

With such a big house, the cost of living each month for the members is a standard $550, plus utilities. The price alone makes living in the main house more desirable, given that places like Poly Canyon Village are much more expensive.

“I think it’s funny that people pay so much to live in places like PCV when there’s a perfect opportunity to live in places that are a lot cheaper,” said resident and second year agriculture business major Max Levine. “Our frat house is a perfect example.”


Up first as always, we have cleanliness, which only got itself one broom because a house full of 18 guys it can get a little messy.

Next we have space. This was a no brainer, five planets, because of how incredibly gigantic this place is with a couple bar areas, a home theater type room, and much more.

On deck now is privacy. Privacy living in the frat house depends on whether or not you have your own room, but due to the space of the house, it still got itself three signs.

Now onto the long anticipated party scene. And what else would you expect a fraternity house to score? Of course, it gets five red cups. No explanation needed.

Last, but certainly not least, is the cost of living. If you noticed in my previous posts that most places are around $600 a month, so $550 a month to live in this house is certainly not bad at all.  It earned itself three out of five dollar signs.

Here’s the wrap up for what I thought of the fraternity house! One of the better ratings that I have given out so far.

The frat lifestyle always seemed a little crazy for me personally, but after getting a chance to meet people that live in this house, I have a new perspective on it. The members of the fraternity who live here take great care of the house, and, even though it’s still the first quarter, they all seem like they’re quickly becoming a family.